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These reusable face pads are made from the remnants of the towels that we use for our hats! That's right, upcycling the scraps from our upcycled goods - what could be more earth-friendly?? 


✿ You will receive 14 small cotton pads varying in colour/pattern - they are approximately 2-1/2" X 2-3/4" (please expect some imperfections)!


✿ The reusable pads are (almost all) 100% cotton terry cloth - some of the towels we use are a blend with around 15%-20% other fibers (like rayon or poly).


✿ Please read all "Care Instructions"

✿Set of 14✿ Reusable Towel Face Pads

  • All fabric used is pre-washed vintage or deadstock. For longevity, we recommend hand washing with mild detergent or even just rinsing them after use (depending on your use of them) - but eventually you'll want to give them a good clean. You can also machine wash them but we recommend putting them in a delicates bag so they don't get lost (or jammed!!) in your laundry like a rogue sock. Lay flat to dry.

    Please keep in mind that if you use these pads to remove your makeup, you will likely have permanent makeup stains on them (but nothing wrong with that)! If you'd like to preserve the look of them, we recommend using post cleanse, perhaps to apply your toner! ☺

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