Frequently asked questions

Can I pre-order? Or reserve ahead of your drop?

At this point I don't accept pre-orders or reserves for a few reasons... 1) I'll never catch up! If I'm doing pre-orders/reserves I will never catch up, and what I LOVE to do is offer a collection that drops all at once. 2) This gives me little room for making design choices because I am trying to satisfy the needs of one customer. While I love to make something that YOU LOVE, part of the joy for me is designing and going with the flow! And waiting for that one person who loves what I made.

Can you make a baby hat? Or a hat for my dog?

At this time, I do not offer the option of either. Childrenswear has a lot of laws/regulations and I am not prepared to make sure I follow all of the guidelines. Also, dog/kid head sizes range vastly! I am not logistically set up to create a hat pattern for every size. Also also, I would have to charge almost the same price for a kids/dog hat, as the labor is the same (just slightly less material), and I think the price would seem steep for a kid/animal accessory.

How will I know if the hat will fit?

The hats are made to fit a range of head/hair sizes. They have a bit of give (if your head is on the larger side) and they have a tie for around your head (if your head is on the smaller side and want to tie it on). The hats are best for someone with a head circumference of 22"-23" (or slightly smaller or slightly larger). The hats are FINAL SALE so please be sure you feel comfortable with that before purchase.

Do you ship to < insert name of country > ?

At this time I am only comfortably shipping within US and Canada. All shipments to other countries will be charged $45 however, please note that you might 1) receive a partial refund if your shipping costs are cheaper, or 2) receive an invoice for additional shipping charges (if you do not pay the invoice within 48 hours, your order will be canceled). At the moment many international packages are being returned back to the sender without refund for shipping costs. The purchaser WILL NOT BE REFUNDED FOR SHIPPING if this happens, but will be refunded for the contents of the package should it make it back to us safely. Contact us directly for a shipping quote if you would like to switch to DHL or UPS. Please expect to pay from $45-$115 USD.

When will you be restocking hats? When will you be restocking masks?

Stay tuned! Once I know when the drop will be, I PINKY PROMISE I will let you know. I will send a newsletter to my email subscribers with all the info and pricing, and I will post to my instagram.

I love your brand! I wondered if you wanted to collab?

Thank you so much! I am not likely working on "collabs" at the moment because I am barely keep up with the existing demand. But thank you for appreciating what I am doing enough to want to post about it on your platform!

Why haven't I received a tracking number yet?

Double check the processing time for your order! A number of my items are MADE TO ORDER so I list the amount of time that can take. My best advice is to assume that it will take on the longer side because what a happy suprise that would be if it were quicker!

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