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  • Can I pre-order? Or reserve ahead of your drop?
    At this point I don't accept pre-orders or reserves for a few reasons... 1) I'll never catch up! If I'm doing pre-orders/reserves I will never catch up, and what I LOVE to do is to focus on a collection at a time (as opposed to an item at a time). 2) This gives me little room for making design choices, being open to new ideas, and letting the materials dictate what I create! 3) I want to give everyone equal opportunity - the drop model seems like the most fair way to approach that!
  • Can you make a baby hat? Or a hat for my dog?
    At this time, I do not offer the option of either. Childrenswear has a lot of laws/regulations and I am not prepared to make sure I follow all of the guidelines. Also, dog/kid head sizes range vastly! I am not logistically set up to create a hat pattern for every size. Also also, I would have to charge almost the same price for a kids/dog hat, as the labor is the same (just slightly less material), and I think the price would seem steep for a kid/animal accessory.
  • How will I know if the hat will fit?
    The hats are made to fit a range of head/hair sizes. They have a bit of give (if your head is on the larger side) and they have a tie for around your head (if your head is on the smaller side and want to tie it on). The hats are best for someone with a head circumference of 22"-23" (or slightly smaller or slightly larger). The hats are FINAL SALE so please be sure you feel comfortable with that before purchase.
  • Do you ship to *insert name of country*?
    We can ship anywhere in the world! Please read further under the "Shop Policies" tab.
  • When will you be restocking hats? When will you be restocking _____?
    Stay tuned! Once I know when the drop will be, I PINKY PROMISE I will let you know. I will send a newsletter to my email subscribers with all the info and pricing, and I will post to my instagram. Something you've been waiting for that hasn't been released in a while? Let me know! Knowning you have been waiting for something may mean another customer has been waiting too, so this could stear me to work on that product next! Otherwise (pending workload), I sometimes can work on one-off projects, so always helpful to check in :)
  • I love your brand! I wondered if you wanted to collab?
    Thank you so much! It depends on what you mean by "collab" (what does that word even mean anymore??). Shoot me an email and we can chat, but if you're hoping to get free product, this is something we very rarely do. Since we are such a small business making everything one at a time, to “gift” a product is actually a significant expense for us and even as a marketing venture it hasn’t actually proven to generate sales! But thank you for appreciating what we are doing enough to want to post about it on your platform :)
  • Why haven't I received a tracking number yet?
    Double check the processing time for your order! A number of my items are MADE TO ORDER so I list the amount of time that can take. My best advice is to assume that it will take on the longer side because what a happy suprise that would be if it were quicker! We also only ship once a week (as stated in our shop policies), so please always let us know prior to purchase if their is any urgency to receiving your order.
  • I don't see my size listed, how do I get something in my size?
    The majority of our items are completely one of a kind, so we can only make one size per item! We are very small batch so it just isn't possible for us to carry every single size possible. But it's important to us that, no matter your size, you can have the fun of wearing a Picnicwear piece which is why we are always open to made-to-measure sizing outside of the range we offer! If you don't see a specific listing for the garment you would like in a custom size, please send us an email When it comes to our true upcycled items (like any appliquéd sweatshirt or our BDay Cake Shirts), sizing is contingent on what we are able to source - and we look for EVERY size! If you have a garment you would like to be made into one of our signature items, send us an email!
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