My name is Dani and I have been designing for large fashion brands for the past 10 years. Feeling disenchanted with the state of the industry, I left my most recent full time job at the end of 2018 in pursuit of more gratifying work. I continue to work freelance as a knitwear designer, but picnicwear was born from a desire to make things with my hands. 

With a forever passion for vintage, I wanted to create things with existing materials. My first hat was made as an "isolation creation" in the early days of the pandemic - having a couple of vintage towels remain unsold from my vintage shop. My goal was to create a standard bucket hat, but I didn't having access to a printer so wasn't able to print a pattern for it. Seeing a photo of a kids hat from the 1960s, I decided on the ruched (or shirred) brim knowing I could achieve the shape without following a pattern. 

Dani Des Roches

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