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This listing is for a made-to-order hat designed by Dani but made from your own towel/s! In order to purchase this item you must have towel/s (of the right measurements) to provide for me to create your hat. 


The images shown are examples of the types of towels I like to use. I only use "jacquard" or "sculpted" pattern towels, and I avoid printed towels. As a textile nerd, I much prefer these to the printed versions. The printed towels don't look as good in hat form since the brim will not be "reversible" (i.e. won't look great on the underside or flipped up). If you are unsure if your hat is printed, please submit a photo.


Size: the towel you provide must be at least 35" X 18". Most hand towels are too small on their own, but TWO hand towels are sufficient. A bath or beach towel is perfect!


Condition: the towel can be in any condition but must be laundered before being sent! I do my best to avoid any holes or snags (unless you're looking for something more deliciously worn-in), but small snags are clipped (these arent knit, so they won't unravel!).


Process: before purchase, please submit a photo of the towel you wish to use, with measurements. If the towel has fringe, please let me know if you wish to include the fringe on the brim. If the towel has fringe you will likely have the option of a hat with fringe or without fringe. If the towel does not have fringe, then your hat will not have fringe. PLEASE DECIDE which option you would like before purchase.


IMPORTANT NOTE: ALL design components (aside from your choice of fringe/no fringe) are made by Dani including tie colours and lining fabric which will be selected to coordinate with your towel fabric. Length of brim and shirring ratio are all determined by Dani based on your specific towel. Size of hat is not customizeable (fits best on someone with a head circumference between 22"-23"). 


Remaining Fabric: if you supply a bath towel, there should be enough to make two hats OR a hat and a facemask. If you wish to make two hats from your towel, you need to purchase two of this listing (perhaps one for you and one for a friend?)! If you wish to make a facemask, please purchase the made-to-order facemask lisiting. If neither of those options, please let me know if you would like me to return the remaining fabric back to you, or if you would like to donate it towards future picnicwear hat creations. I try my best to avoid creating waste whenever possible!


Processing Times: made-to-order can take from 1 to 3 weeks before it is shipped to you (from the date the towel/s are received).

Supply-Your-Own Towel For A Made-to-Order Hat

  • Please note that these items are non-returnable or exchangeable - it just isn't logistically viable with the small operation we run! Please ask any and all questions prior to purchase (the BEST time to do this is before the official drops when the items are previewed on instagram).

  • I ship USPS within the US and package using recycled paper mailers or for larger packages, I reuse cardboard boxes. Please note that once your package starts tracking, it is the responsibility of the customer to track the item and to follow up with the shipping service or their local post office should any delays occur. Shipping delays (due to Covid-19) are particularily common at the moment. Some packages, though shipped, will show as "Ready to Ship" even days after they have been picked up by USPS.

    At this time I am only shipping within US and Canada. All inquiries for shipping to other countries must 1) confirm that their country is receiving regular mail from the US, and then 2) contact me directly for a shipping quote. Please expect to pay from $35-$70USD (since DHL or UPS might be the only option). At the moment, my shipping place is refusing most international packages because they are being returned back to the sender without refund for shipping costs.

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