✿ Using low impact dyes, Faith Friend of Earthly Threads, ice dyed several tired white thrifted towels with an array of gorgeous colours. Faith sent some photos to Dani who was immediately inspired to create a collection of handbags and hats using Faith's amazing pieces of art! When received, Dani thoughtfully placed the pattern pieces for her signature items onto the towels, ensuring that the most gorgeous colour bleeds would be highlighted by the silhouettes of the accessories. The cut pieces were then sent to the Skilled Laborers Brigade to be meticulously assembled and sewn together. The resulting collection is rich in texture and depth and each piece is completely one-of-a-kind ✿


Future Vintage over future garbage


✿ Towel Content: 100% cotton


Bag Height (not inc. strap): 7.25"

Bag Base Diamater: 5.25"

Strap Length (total): 23"


✿ Baubles are deadstock wood macrame beads.

Prism Sister Dyed Runaway Bag

  • All fabric/trims used are pre-washed vintage or deadstock. 

    We recommend a spot clean for any stains. When necessary, we recommend hand washing with mild detergent, with similar colors or machine washing on gentle (best to use a delicates bag since the cords could get tangled). Hang or lay flat to dry. Steam or iron low if necessary - DO NOT iron over the label (it will get angry and shrivel up).

    Follow care instructions for a garment that will last. Picnicwear is not responsible for damage to garments due to improper care.