Gift wrapping enables you to ship directly to your loved one so you can save on shipping costs and time, but still ensure that your gift is under-the-tree-ready! Or maybe you just want to ease the pressure of wrapping.


What's considered a ✿large package✿?

The "large" giftwrapping option is offered for the following items:

✿ any garment (ex. sweatshirt)

✿ multipe hats

✿ anything in the "Vintage Objects" section of the shop

*please select the ✿small✿ option if you are purchasing something requiring less wrapping supplies! If you are unsure, please email (or DM on IG) prior to purchase and let us know what's in your cart!


So what's included?

Your gift will be wrapped in deadstock vintage wrapping paper, will have a ribbon from one of these deadstock ribbon rolls, and will include a card!


Please write a brief note (in the field provided) to your loved one and we will neatly hand-write it in your card. Please include who it's from (otherwise we'll assume that it's meant to be a secret)!

Gift Wrapping ✿ Large Package ✿

  • Please note that these items are non-returnable or exchangeable - it just isn't logistically viable with the small operation we run! Please ask any and all questions prior to purchase (the BEST time to do this is before the official drops when the items are previewed via the mailing list).