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Step 2 in your Appliquéd Zodiac Sweatshirt pre-order


✿ Pick your zodiac appliqué colour.





*Note - we have three editions of this one; you may not receive the exact one pictured.

Width: 9.5"-11.5"

Height: 12"-14"


Faded Black/White (velvet texture)

Width: 10.5"

Height: 14"



Width: 8.75"

Height: 13"



NOTE: Since there is very little space between each graphic on this towel, these will be applied with a tight zig zag stitch, NOT a cotton binding border. Since they are so close, there may also be small amounts cut off the edge of the graphic/writing.

Cancer Towel Appliqué Sweatshirt

  • All fabric/trims used are pre-washed vintage or deadstock. 

    When necessary, we recommend hand washing with mild detergent, with similar colors or machine washing on gentle (otherwise, we recommend a spot clean for any stains). Hang or lay flat to dry. Steam or iron low if necessary - DO NOT iron over the label (it will get angry and shrivel up).

    Follow care instructions for a garment that will last. Picnicwear is not responsible for damage to garments due to improper care.

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