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Larry X Picnicwear

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Mary Symczak (she/her) is an nyc womenswear designer and seamstress. She has worked in the fashion industry since 2012. Mary has sewn around 90% of the hats we made and helped bring the hats in this collection to life as well!

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Jess Katz is the Larry behind Larry Shoes. With a conscientious focus on sustainability and comfort, she launched the brand in 2018, creating small-batch & limited edition production runs alongside custom orders. She is the designer and shoemaker, hiring help as needed from friends and skilled local craftspeople. Jess has been creating footwear for 10 years. Early in her career, she earned a footwear design master's degree in Florence, Italy, and then studied pedorthics in the US. Her life's ambition is to make cool shoes comfortable, and comfortable shoes cool. 

Find her on Instagram: @larry_shoes - Website:

Alexandra is a vintage curator, content creator and hand model based in Brooklyn, New York. She has a strong interest in unique craftsmanship, style, color theory, interiors, and the belief that thoughtfully curated spaces can have a positive outlook on our mood. You can find out more about Alex on IG at  @iamalexberrocal & @prettyspacehappyface for all of her vintage finds. 

Aliesha Hatalovsky is a fashion stylist and photographer working in Brooklyn, NY. Her work reflects her love for all things vintage! Aliesha photographed and styled all the beautiful flat photos of the collection. You can find her on IG @aliesherz or on her website: 

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